SEO is known to many as Search Engine Optimization and have a basic understanding about the same. This guide helps explain why is it important, dives deeper into the ON PAGE & OFF PAGE optimizations, the do's and dont's of SEO and long term benefits of SEO.

SEO is "The Science of Relevancy" which helps SERPS to better understand your content and get you that boost that you've been craving for a while.

We look at different aspects of ON PAGE optimazations such as -

What is Technical SEO?
Why is Quality Content important?
Does Website Speed impact rankings?
Why is Keyword Research necessary?
What are short tail and long tail keywords?
Importance of Internal Linking.

We also look at different aspects of OFF PAGE optimazations such as -

What are Backlinks?
Why are they important?
Why backlinks should be relevant?
What is Domain Authority?
How does Google's Algorithm works?
Different types of backlinks.

The read is aimed to simplify complexity of SEO and help beginners get aquainted with different concepts in less than 20 minutes, hence setting them off to the right direction from DAY 1.