We're a team of experienced translators based in Manchester. We have native English, French, Italian & Spanish speakers who are all fully qualified translators who were hand picked to make sure that they provide perfectly natural translations. We feel that it is important to work in a team. It is crucial that your translation is correct and sounds natural to your target audience. What sounds natural to one person may not sound the same to another. That is why our translators always work in a team of at least two people. This is for smaller projects and of course the size of the team would expand for bigger projects that require a lot more work.

Our in house translators are definitely one of our strong points. Often translation agencies will boast that they have 2000 translators from all over the world that work for them. That sounds great, but then when it comes down to it the translation agency must then get in contact with them and then wait for a reply as they won't be in the same time zone as us here in the U.K. This slows down the whole translation process and makes you the customer have to wait for their translators to get back to them and actually carry out the translation.