DH Studios Inc. (aka DH) a Delaware Corporation, established in 2002, is a premier provider of fashion design and beauty products. Headed by industry expert Daniel Hernández, DH has embarked upon the development of a portfolio of beauty products and services that meet the needs of the lifestyles of today's power crowd.

Recognition came early, as DH received the 2003 United States Small Business Administration (SBA) Young Entrepreneur Award of New England. DH also received the prestigious "Eye On Style Award" from Fashion Week Boston, sponsored by Banana Republic and Lasell Institute of Fashion.

Success continued for DH on the international arena in 2010, winning its first global competition among twelve countries with over 800 competitors. At the request of many in the fashion community of Justproud.com, DH earned first place and the opportunity to create its first international collection, sold in Shanghai, New York and The Netherlands.

"As ranking member of the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, I applaud your commitment to recognizing and working with small businesses."

John F. Kerry
United States Senator