Diabetes Sentry’s mission is to greatly improve the daily lives of Type-1 and Type-2 insulin dependent diabetics who suffer from a diabetes related chronic condition known as “hypoglycemia”.  Leveraging 15 years of research and development the company’s patented and FDA approved medical device that targets this condition is ready for manufacturing and mass-market distribution. In addition to achieving regulatory clearances, the technology has been validated by the 1,500 customers already using the product who have provided many personal testimonials about its life changing and life saving benefits.  Diabetes Sentry is not only an opportunity for the company and its investors to make money; it’s also an opportunity to make a significant difference in the world. Commercialization and scaling are the only steps that remain.

The number of Americans with diabetes is growing at an astronomical rate, increasing 33% in the past eight years, from a prevalence rate of 4.9% of the population to 6.5%. The fastest-growing diabetes population is the 33- to 39-year-old age group. According to the CDC in 2007 almost 8 % of Americans, or 24 million people, suffered from diabetes and they spent about $116 billion dollars in direct medical expenses. In the next 25 years that number is expected to double with potentially one out of three children born after 2000 expected to develop diabetes sometime in their lives. Worldwide, the numbers are expected to reach over 400 million diabetics by 2030. Consequently, the market for diabetic monitoring products is so large that some are even advertised on prime time TV.  But the vast majority of those monitoring devices have a critical flaw – they are useless for the 1/3 of a diabetic’s life spent sleeping. Yet it’s during sleep that diabetics are most prone to the debilitating, and even life-threatening complications of hypoglycemia. Our product, the Diabetes Sentry, is ready today to fill that critical monitoring gap.

The techniques for managing diabetes (such as insulin, diet and exercise) are well established, but they require constant monitoring to be effective. Since a diabetic obviously cannot prick their finger while sleeping, and since most hypoglycemic events occur at night, there is a critical need for a low-cost, non-invasive monitoring device to wake diabetics at the onset of this condition. Of course, diabetics are also vulnerable to hypoglycemia while awake, which is why we designed the Diabetes Sentry to be worn like a wristwatch 24 hours a day. Our only competitors are devices requiring incisions in the body that are limited by their complexity, potential medical complications, and prohibitive cost, which greatly limits their market penetration.

The cornerstone of our sales and marketing strategy will be the recruitment of partners specializing in the distribution of diabetes specific technologies and services. We have already identified several channel organizations interested in distributing our product such as American Diabetes Wholesale (FL), Advanced Diabetes Supply (CA), and the Diabetes Pharmacist.  Secondly, we will pursue direct sales over the Internet to boost sales and to support the retail price of the product.

The company’s management team has decades of experience in the development, marketing, sales, and distribution of medical devices, with particular emphasis in diabetic related devices. Key positions for product development, corporate management, sales and marketing, and customer support are filled and the company is ready to begin full operations immediately.

With patents and FDA approvals completed and over 1,500 customers taking advantage of the company’s product today, Diabetes Sentry Products, Inc. is poised for rapid growth over the next three to five year period. First year unit sales are projected to reach 2,500 units and grow to over 250,000 units in year five. Revenues are projected at one million dollars in the first year, increasing to over $75 million dollars in year five.