We provide articles and forums for the latest in diabetes news and treatments, in addition to step-by-step implementation strategies that anyone can follow.

Primarily, we have over seventy free cooking videos that provide easy, affordable, and delicious recipes appropriate for people with diabetes who have novice cooking skills

Who are "we?"  Dr. Sybil Kramer, is a board-certified endocrinologist with 31 years of experience.  She has worked with thousands of patients with diabetes and is passionate about providing education to help them control their disease as well as to enhance their life style. Many people have trouble implementing the information received by physicians and diabetic educators. We provide practical supplementary information to help enable patients to make the recommended changes in lifestyle.

Her daughter, Tova Searleman, is a Floor-Time Play Therapy/ABA Provider who specializes in young children with autism spectrum disorders.  She also has a passion for cooking and teaching people how to prepare healthy and delicious meals in order to enhance their health as well as their quality of life.

Why did we create this website?  While some of Dr. Kramer’s patients have been able to go home and make the recommended changes without additional support, others were not able to implement what they learned from the doctor or the nurse educator to improve their control and lower their risk of cardiovascular disease. While trying to do their best, many patients have imposed severe and unnecessary restrictions on themselves to the point where they do not enjoy meal time any more. Many patients have said to Dr. Kramer, “I wish I could take you home to show me how to shop and cook!”  They will now have a 24 hour resource available in which Dr. Kramer and her daughter will be available to teach them the skills they need to implement their doctor’s instructions as well as to help them enjoy their meals.

Tova loves to teach people ways to improve their health as well as the quality of life so that they can more easily engage in activities that fulfill their passions.

Thank you for your interest in diabeticsurvivalkit.com.  Please let us know how we can serve you.  Here's to a healthier and happier you!