Diamond stems from the ancient Greek word "adamas", meaning unbreakable. Unbreakable is the bond we create with our customers and our employees by always going the extra mile and instilling trust. Located right outside DC, we strive to provide: responsive, quality, and innovative solutions in engineering, cyber security and intelligence analysis for our DoD, IC and Civilian Communities. Diamonds are among the most valued and desired resources in the world and we ensure all our services are up to that same standard.

DIAMONDEFENSE is a certified Small Disadvantaged Business "SDB" based out of Fairfax, Virginia.

VISION: We aspire to be a preeminent technology consulting firm by supplying the highest caliber mission critical services and solutions.

MISSION: DIAMONDEFENSE takes responsibility for advancing our client’s capabilities by delivering innovative technology solutions, continual process improvements and superior customer service. Our goal is to always provide efficient support that is targeted to fulfill our customers needs and ensure their success.

CORE VALUES: Integrity | Leadership | Agility | Respect | Accountability