DiaNoche Designs Illuminated Art and Home Decor, originated the "Art Today, Light Tonight" concept.   They use images from more than 80 artists all over the world to create their signature Illuminated Wall art, as well as artistic Shower Curtains, Duvet Covers, Canvas Wall art and much more.  Choose from radiant lighting for any room in the home or office or decorate your bedroom, bathroom and practically any space with a number of unique artistic products.  Great fun for children's bedrooms, baby nursery's and adult living areas.  What a great conversation piece for your dull living space?  Visit us online at http://www.dianochedesigns.com

Artists from around the world license images of their original works for DiaNoche Designs products.  There are so many eclectic styles to fit every taste. Popular artwork categories include Scapes, Children, Animals, Abstract and novelty. Customers may also work with the company’s complimentary design service team to revitalize corporate logos, revamp personal photographs, or come up with a unique design that can all be made into inspirational Illuminated Art, Duvet Cover, Shower Curtain, etc...

Hang your light anywhere you’d place a picture, or purchase an easel for table display. Customers often use Illuminated Art to create soft illumination in nurseries, to refresh living rooms or to renew bedrooms.  Sturdy and ready to display upon arrival, each piece boasts LED lights that last for 50,000 hours (five years of continuous use).

Rachel Mathews, the company’s co-founder, says: “Our lights are truly a conversation piece. We have several in our home, and people constantly ask where to buy one. The artwork by itself is gorgeous, but when you add the lighting, it transcends our expectations of traditional art and transforms the room’s decor.”

DiaNoche Designs, meaning Day and Night Designs, creates stunning pieces of art that double as lights. This unique concept beautifully brings to life the Art Today — Light Tonight concept. DiaNoche Designs' founders, Rachel and Erik Mathews, put a new twist on an old idea, adding state-of-the-art technology and customer appeal to create a functional, elegant design. Thanks to artists from around the globe, DiaNoche Designs is able to add radiant style to homes near and far.

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