No matter who you are, no matter where you are in the world, Dice-ider will mean something to you. Dice-ider is an app for a new stress free, lighter existence that allows a sense of play back into the everyday. Dice-ider is decisions made easy.

Our lives are full of choice, decisions that we must make. Whether they are big or small, a part of our destiny, the start of a lucky winning streak, or a calculated probability. Dice-der is here to help.

Dice-ider can provide answers to all of life’s questions. From, ‘What take-away shall we have tonight?’ ‘Which movie shall we watch?’ To the romantic wonderings of, ‘Does he love me?’ or ‘Will she say yes?’  Important complex business decisions, that require mathematical probability for answers, can use Dice-ider to gain unbiased solutions when asking, ‘What strategic direction should we take?’ or ‘Which new product name should we use?’ You no longer need to throw a dart to pick your share market stocks, use Dice-ider instead and good fortune may fall your way!

Settle those times of indecision with family, friends and work colleagues with Dice-ider, it’s decisions made easy. With Dice-ider you can remove the stress of these everyday decisions, by simply entering two or more choices, and this app will provide an instant answer with just the role of your customised dice. You can then share your answer on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, and if you wish, Dice-ider will store your favourites for next time too. Dice-ider has some of its own favourites ready for you to easily use.  A Yes/No dice, a Love me/Love me not dice, and a standard dice to play games.

Dice-ider caters to your very mood and personality by providing you with three contrasting styles, so that you can customise Dice-ider especially for you. If you’re using Dice-ider for complex business decisions then you might like the Classic professional style, or maybe you like a more slick and polished approach to life, then Chrome is for you. On the other hand, if you’re into having fun with Dice-ider, you’ll definitely want to select the amazing Neon! Make Dice-ider your very own by selecting your own music to play when the dice rolls.
Sit back, relax and take the stress out of your life. Let Dice-ider make the decisions for you.

Dice-ider inventors, Lisa and Lindsay, have combined their professional and personal skills in psychology, teaching, business, executive management and parenting, to bring this stress relieving application to you, your workplace, and your friends.

We hope you enjoy our app, and please do share your decisions on social media with your family, friends, work colleagues and us. We’d really love to hear what you’re using Dice-ider for!