Diet Pals Long Description for Apple
Lose weight fast by dieting with a friend. A unique socializing app where you can instantly communicate with people around the country or near you to diet and lose weight with. Search photos and profiles for that perfect match. Your personal, weight loss support matchmaking app.
Diet Pals is a Mobile App “match service” for those seeking a weight loss partner or friend. Choosing a Diet Pal aka friend is a very personal matter, everyone’s goals are different, Diet Pals helps you search in many ways to find that perfect support pal, friend, partner or even search couples profiles!
You can search profiles, photos and stats to find your perfect match.
Search by

-     Zip code
-     Age
-     Sex
-     Diet Plan
-     Current Weight
-     Amount of pounds wanted to lose (goal)
-     Exercise Plan
-     Marital Status
-     Ethnicity

The road to weight loss can be a bumpy one. Having someone by your side during this journey with the same weight loss goals can help you lose weight fast! With research pointing towards two partners dieting together having a much higher chance of success, finding someone to diet with is certainly a wise choice. Diet Pals is a new mobile app, with a database growing on a daily basis. If search results are not found immediately, continue to check in, spread the word through social media, word-of-mouth, and share the app with friends. As more people sign up the more friends you will find. Please email us at support@dietpalsapp.com if you have questions regarding the usage or questions for the app.

You decide on the primary mode of contact, communication and support. Start communication with the in app communicator. Messaging- all you have to do is “Favorite” who you are interested in, click on “Message” and start communicating!  Maybe you want to keep communicate through email, search for someone who wants to keep in touch via the computer, if you text or maybe you’re a phone person, swap numbers, send fun snap chat pics and yes there is even snail mail- find a Pen Pal. If you are too far away you can Facetime or Skype, or you can search by zip code and possibly meet in person to go to the gym, make meals, dine with- the ideas are endless. It doesn’t matter how you support each other just as long as both Pals want the same thing.

Search by your diet plan whether you are on Weight Watchers, low carb diet like Atkins or South Beach, Jenny Craig, Nutri System, counting calories, watching your fat intake or simply exercising. Find someone that matches your diet support needs to help you lose weight fast!
Share goals, tips, recipes, exercise routines, what works for you and what doesn’t. Check in each morning with a weigh in, check out each night with your day’s calories or carbs. It can be fun, if your Diet Pals relationship blossoms it may even turn into a beautiful friendship or even more! Your Diet Pal may turn into a lifelong friendship, someone who can support you in more than just weight loss for the rest of your life! The potentials are endless! Go for it!  
Only contact information can be exchanged during in app messaging, personal contact information cannot be put on your profile.