DifferenThinking™ is a boutique consulting firm specialising in strategic people, culture, leadership, ethics, decision-making, product and technology services.

Our global experience has taught us that organisations can often fail to execute their visions and strategies if the right investment in people, culture, ethics and leadership does not occur. At DifferenThinking we are focused on reducing risks by helping you to understand your people and organisational challenges and implement strategies in order for you to successfully grow and scale.

We are passionate about the combined power of innovation-culture-leadership and understands the unique requirements of scale-ups, start-ups, corporates, VC’s and accelerators.

Our passion and experience help to empower your investment decisions with human capital services that are agile, commercial, data and analytics-backed and practical.

Working with you from the start – prior to capital investment decisions – and throughout the lifecycle of your organisation.

Our ultimate aim is to create, support and maximise growth.