Welcome to Digant Technologies

We introduce ourselves as Digant Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a company focused on computing and RFID products. While keeping customers up to date on these technologies we equip them with a competitive edge. At Digant we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing a broad range of products under three market verticals; RFID, Industrial (rugged) systems and Single board computers. Our products have lived up to our customers expectations, in varied environments. Digant has been Providing Hi-Tech Product design services to its customers, in various market verticals; Embedded, Telecom and Automation.

Our Focus

Digant Technologies is a electronic product design and manufacturing company focusing on

  1. RFID Products & solutions
  2. Telecom Solutions
  3. IoT Solutions
  4. Products for Original Equipment Manufacturers

About Us

Digant Technologies is a Private Limited Company founded in 2005. It is managed by a team of thorough professionals and is headquartered in Bangalore, India.

We offer RFID components, RFID readers, embedded systems, Embedded PC, single board computers, Industrial systems, and industrial motherboards, with support packages on Windows CE, XP Embedded and Linux.

Digant’s products are used in the, POS/POI, Kiosk, Medical, Industrial Automation, Communication, Surveillance, Entertainment and Data acquisition applications.

Digant is one of the few companies to offer complete end-to-end RFID products that are cost effective and competitive with other RFID product enablers, worldwide.

With all the expertise Digant has gained over the years, Digant extends these expertises to our esteemed customers for their product design.

Key Values

Digant has a comprehensive business model with a large ecosystem of System Integrators and Solution Providers.

Digant has developed a complete range of industry-standard core products and hence, is capable of and is ready to customize as per the customers requirement.

Digant has carved a niche for itself in the RFID space and strives to continuously develop new technologies and products to create value add for its customers.


Our vision is to innovate, develop and market high-tech, high-quality systems and services to our customers and in the process create mutual, enduring value.

Everything we do shall be inspired by our mission:

   * To provide nurturing environment to our employees.
   * To bring joy and ease of use to our customers.
   * To create enduring value for our stakeholders.