When you meet someone for the first time it is common to ask for a phone number. This is relevant in entrepreneurial networking events as well. You aggregate all these phone numbers and often don't even remember who they belong to. Also in today's world there is so much more to networking than just a phone number. The phone number is only the first step in remaining connected. Originally you could write down a phone number in an address book, then when you needed to make a call you could look that number up. As phones became more important innovation allowed us to create contact lists in phones. Now as we innovate this opportunity further we have created social media, which allows us to post comment and share content. However we have not adapted to the method of acquiring this information. That's where digi comes in, digi aggregates your social media profiles and allows you to exchange them all in one transaction and all you need to know is the persons name. Welcome to the revolution, we are redefining business cards.