The European Chamber of Digital Commerce is formed in 2019 as an activity of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands, formed in 1933. Chamber of Commerce nr. 40530763.

Benefits of Partnering with the European Chamber of Digital Commerce
- Inclusion in ECDC’s Directory, helping to connect you to others in the marketplace
- A press release published by ECDC promoting your company (with permission), helping to optimize your branding strategy and visibility
- The opportunity to contribute expert articles to ECDC’s Digital Future Magazine, sent to 35,000+ investment executives plus thousands of industry firms
- Invitation to all partner events, including the Digital Future Board Room at CNN Money Switzerland, a forum for solving the digital future’s toughest problems, where you can meet others of the world’s brightest leaders
- Access to and participation in Authoritative Industry Reports in conjunction with ECDC
- Access to ECDC Business Development consultation specially tailored to the high-tech and digital sectors
- Eligibility for the prestigious Dr. Jelle Zijstra Fellowship granted in conjunction with the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands

Specialized Technological Advisory
The ECDC provides counsel and problem-solving expertise in new technologies, scientific innovation, and bridging the gap between discovery and commercialization. Specialties include artificial intelligence, statistics, financial modeling, randomization algorithms, and big data.

Court of Arbitration
The Court of Arbitration of the European Chamber of Digital Commerce plays a critical role in today’s digital world as an efficient, cost-effective, and discreet alternative to the public court system, with specialized knowledge in digital issues.

Market Introductions
Whether you are expanding your presence to Europe, wishing to partner with European entities, ECDC helps foreign companies gain entry and access to the European markets.