The Zumba fitness DVD is a fun workout using Latin rhythms and can be used at home or the Gym. If you are looking to lose weight Zumba high calorie burning exercises will do the job of taking off pounds and inches. The exercises consist of using simple Latin dance steps to melt those pounds. The Zumba fitness DVD is a collection of four disks from the basic beginners’ workout to the advanced workout.  Zumba Gold is a DVD featuring a program for active seniors and for those that are not so conditioned. There is a program for everyone that wants to have fun while losing weight and toning and sculpting their body. It has been proven that the Zumba fitness system can burn as much as one thousand calories per hour. This fitness program is effective on the lower body, the abs, the core and the upper body. You can drop one whole size in ten days. If you have been going to the gym or a fitness center for your exercise and getting no where in spite of all of your hard work. Then try the Zumba fitness DVDs. Using the Zumba method you will lose weight and eat all of the delicious foods you love.
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