Founded in early 2002, DigiOn24 manufactures proximity and contactless smart card inline and desktop encoders and software for ID card printers, and it also supplies access control credentials and card readers.  DigiOn24’s encoder systems allow resellers and customers to save time and money by encoding their own cards on-site and on-demand.
DigiOn24 has developed D24Secure NFC technology, a robust multi-layer security platform for smart card, reader and Mobile App development, which offers superior security, encryption and custom password protection, using open-standard contactless smart card technology.
DigiOn24 is committed to bringing new innovative RFID products to the marketplace.  As experts in RFID and security, they offer proximity and contactless smart card encoding solutions, asset management solutions, and access control solutions for a wide range of ID card printers and card technologies.  
DigiOn24’s team members are highly experienced in new product development and manufacturing and have each worked in the Auto-ID industry for more than 25 years.
DigiOn24’s manufacturing plant and general offices are located in Camarillo, California. Further information on DigiOn24 is available at www.digion24.com.