We specialize in the quick and expert repair of:

•Cell Phones
•Smartphone Repairs: All Makes & Models
•Tablet Repairs: All Makes & Models
•Laptop & PC Repairs: All Makes & Models
•Gaming System Repairs: All Makes & Models
And Other Electronic Repair – Call for details!

If you use your digital electronic device for work, school, communication, or entertainment, count on Digital Doc to repair it right the first time!

Here is a list of our Most Common Repairs. Please contact us if you have any questions or do not see your problem listed:
•Cracked Screens
•Battery Replacement
•Virus Removal
•Touch Screen Not Responsive
•Dim or Busted LCDs
•Malfunctioning Home or Power Buttons
•Device Not Charging
•Device Not Holding a Charge
•Speakers Malfunctioning – Can’t play music
•Bad Ear Speaker – Can’t hear the person you’re talking to on the phone

If you don’t see your electronic device or issue listed above, please call us for a free consultation to see if we can work on your device. You tell us the problem you’re experiencing and Digital Doc will solve it!