Digital Function, launched in 2002, is a development firm that focuses on technology, design, strategy, and support. We have been building solutions, frameworks, and digital experiences for over 10 years and we believe in building comprehensive solutions that adapt to real world business situations. It’s not about having a website anymore, we feel that digital is the future and we believe in implementing innovative solutions that are flexible, engaging, and can grow with your business.

Who We Are
The Digital Function team is comprised of experienced developers, software engineers, information architects, front-end experts, and UX/UI designers – all with passion for technology. Together we collaboratively create successful solutions to fit any business looking to progress their digital presents.

Digital Function is proud to be an American made development company based out of Houston, Texas. Plus, our content management framework, Kalibrate, is 100% American made. We do not outsource any of our development or support services overseas.

Digital Function Services
Digital Function provides a comprehensive suite of digital services and solutions for all types businesses, from startups to publicly traded companies, in helping them stay competitive in this digital world. Our goal is to provide services unmatched in the industry by going beyond what’s required. Through integrity and dedication, we make every effort to provide value in our services and are committed to delivering outstanding results for our clients.