Digital Odyssey IT

Digital Odyssey IT was founded in 2001 by a group of individuals who got fed up with how the marketing industry treated its customers.  Armed with tech and marketing backgrounds from some of the major advertising firms in the country this group set out to build and organization that would provide the best possible results for our clients advertising budgets.  This goal has forced our company to constantly search for and innovate the technology and business relationships that will support and exceed our expectations for our clients.  The end result is a firm that is dedicated to our customers bottom line.  We have spent years focused on ensuring that we can deliver the best possible avenues for our clients advertising budgets.  We bring a professional and friendly approach to the frustrating world of advertising.  Stop dreading your advertising bills and give us a ring.  We can make that advertising budget your favorite part of your business!

Advertising Management Services
We provide Advertising Management services for clients. What is advertising management? The easiest way to describe advertising management would be the review and tracking of your advertising campaigns online and offline and the validation of the volume and quality of leads generated. Most companies do not have the budget to hire an entire marketing division. We noticed that the majority of companies actually fall into this category and  found it shocking that this group was not able to access trained experts to review and sometimes manage their advertising needs.  This led us to start the Advertising Management Service. We work with companies like yours to bring your advertising budgets and leads into perspective.  Through this process we monitor your advertising campaigns that are working and of course the ones that are not. When you monitor your advertising closely it allows every dollar spent to be used in the most effective way possible and deliver the highest ROI (return on investment) you can obtain. If your organization could use some assistance please don’t hesitate to call. Consultations are always free and we love to hear about your business.

Local Lead Generation
Through working with businesses we have identified one of the most abused areas of advertising is the online marketing world.  This industry is still somewhat new and certainly has a large volume of companies making big claims and then not delivering.  We launched our online marketing division based on the results we encountered with our client base.  Our unique approach to online local lead generation has brought us to the forefront of Local Online Advertising. Our team of trained online marketing experts ensure that we generate the best local lead for your business type for the lowest cost possible. When you’re working with qualified leads your conversion rates go through the roof! Its that simple.

Finally the broad tool of the internet can be used on a local level no matter where you are in the country or world. Our time in the industry and the volume of accounts we manage daily makes us a leader in the industry of paid search results.

Non Profit Works
We feel that giving back the the community you are a part of is a key element in business and in personal life. That is why our firm devotes a significant effort in helping national and local non profit organizations thrive. We use our skills in advertising and evaluation to their benefit. We will even pursue specific grants to enable the non profit to have an extensive advertising budget to promote their cause and organization. If you are a national or local non profit and could benefit from our skill set please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Contact an account representative today to find out how we can affect your bottom line. 206.577.3621