Digital Sunrise Europe is an independent Pan European initiative organized by close to 300 executives, business owners, business sponsors and social media savvy business consultants motivated by the idea to make some significant contributions to a sustainable and economically more stable Europe. The overarching objective is:

Helping small and medium-sized enterprises generate incremental revenue by expanding their businesses across the EU, at a fraction of traditional costs by leveraging social media as an alternative growth strategy and creating 2 Million jobs by 2016.
The group volunteers to help businesses by providing free education, information events, strategy examples, guidelines, templates, networking opportunities, research and a reasonable amount of support in creating an expansion strategy at very little to no cost. Over the next four years, the group is set to help roughly a hundred thousand of the 20 Million registered businesses across Europe to expand and create on average 20 additional jobs per company.

While the Digital Sunrise team is made up entirely of volunteers, team members are seeing personal benefits from gaining experience, improving their reputations and growing their own respective businesses. Digital Sunrise Europe is currently a consortium of independent businesses and will form its own legal entity by the end of October 2012.

More information can be found on http://DigitalSunrise.eu

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Digital Sunrise Europe

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Social presences from team members mentioned in this press release:
Axel Schultze http://xeeme.com/AxelS

Berrie Pelser http://xeeme.com/BerArt

Cees Grootes http://xeeme.com/Cees-Grootes

William Stewart http://xeeme.com/WilliamStewart

Country Team Leader Digital Sunrise Europe
Austria | Roger Koplenig http://xeeme.com/RogerKoplenig

Germany | Florian Gottschall http://xeeme.com/FlorianGottschall

Hungary  | Attila Herczeg  http://xeeme.com/AttilaHerczeg

Italy | Marco Fabbri  http://xeeme.com//MarcoFABBRI

Netherlands | Cees Grootes http://xeeme.com/Cees-Grootes

Malta  | Irene Kimmel http://xeeme.com/IreneKimmel

Sweden | Mette Rehnstrom  http://xeeme.com/MetteRehnstrom

Spain | Josep Claret  http://xeeme.com/JosepClaret

United Kingdom | William Stewart  http://xeeme.com/WilliamStewart

International   |  Marita Roebkes http://xeeme.com/MaritaR

Awareness program  
Berrie Pelser  http://xeeme.com/BerArt
Olaf Kracht http://xeeme.com/OlafKracht

Social Media Monitoring Program  
Marita Roebkes http://xeeme.com/MaritaR

Team & country recruitment program
Jorgen Poulsen http://xeeme.com/jorgenpoulsen

Sponsor recruiting program
Axel Schultze http://xeeme.com/AxelS

Expert recruiting program
William Steward http://xeeme.com/WilliamStewart

Public sector recruiting program
Cees Grootes http://xeeme.com/Cees-Grootes

Business recruiting program
Florian Gottschall http://xeeme.com/FlorianGottschall
Michele Cimmino http://xeeme.com/michelecimmino

Guidance & Documentation program
Detlev Artelt  http://xeeme.com/Detlev

Service delivery program & Starter Pack
Axel Schultze http://xeeme.com/AxelS

Business reward platform & program  
Attila Herczeg  http://xeeme.com/AttilaHerczeg