Diglossia's suite of language assessments provide reliable data to monitor student progress and make informed decisions regarding program effectiveness, adopting new curricula, and professional development needs.

Lexica English and Lexica Arabic placement assessments are bilingual, easy to administer and affordable. The 10-minute tests are web-based with instant results. They can also be used to measure vocabulary progress throughout the year.

TALA Test of Arabic Language Arts tests vocabulary, reading and writing skills of native and non-native Arabic speakers in grades 3, 6 and 8. The test is aligned to World Language Initiative standards.

Mubakkir Arabic Early Reading Assessment, built in partnership with the Arab Thought Foundation, measures the literacy development of native and non-native Arabic speakers in Grades pre-K thru 3.

Our Professional Development workshops offer onsite, online, or blended solutions to help teachers and administrators stay on the cutting edge of best practices in language assessment.

Diglossia also works with employers and industries to provide workforce screening and language proficiency tests in both Arabic and English.

Diglossia is committed to its mission of providing reliable data to educators to assist in improving literacy rates through language assessment, professional development, and related services.