At DiMiYa we believe the key to long-term educational success is early childhood education. Our passion is creating global scholars, prepared at an early age to succeed in an ever changing, highly competitive and interconnected 21st century world. Imagine your child entering elementary school at an advanced level, confident and fully equipped academically, socially, and culturally. What investment would you make to ensure that level of academic preparation? If you value a challenging and balanced preparatory program for your child, then a DiMiYa education is the right investment for your family.

DiMiYa is a not a day-care or traditional style kindergarten. It is a distinctive educational experience blending the arts, culture, language, and geography and more into an elite early childhood preparatory program. The program draws its strength from a strong partnership between the center, the family, and the child creating a Golden Triangle Learning Environment that goes far beyond the ABC’s.