Dimola Bros is a family owned and operated waste removal company in New York. Serving Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens of NYC. We can pick up and remove curbside garbage or clean out you storage room or garage for you.

We clean out homes, estates and apartments. Deceased relative house clean out service. Let us worry about the clean out job so you dont have to. Foreclosure and moving clean up. If you are a property owner and a previous tenant left behind a mess, call us to take care of the cleanout job.

Full service office clean out company. We can remove all furniture, desks, cubicles and other fixtures from the office. Drop ceilings and lighting can also be removed by us. Removal of large filing cabinets and shelving units. Paper products properly disposed of. Electronics, office equipment and e-waste recycled.

Clutter removal services of New York. If you know a hoarder or someone with a hoarding disorder, we can help. Dimola Bros can clean out all excess garbage and clutter from the house. Pick and choose what you want disposed of or let us clean out the entire home if needed. The customer is king.

Disposal of construction and demolition site debris. We can cart out all renovation and construction site waste. We have the team and trucks necessary to get the job done.

Attics cleaned out. We can carry out all junk and cartons, packing and trash from the attic for you. Basement clean out service. With time, the basement starts collecting all sorts of trash. Dimola Bros can clean it all out for you, leaving the floor swept clean. Garages cleaned out. We can dispose of any old, unwanted junk found laying around in your garage. Old tires, batteries, bikes and car parts. Tools, lawn furniture and anything else. We will take it all.

Mini storage and self storage clean out service. If you are the owner or renter of a self storage unit and need it cleaned out fast, call us to take care of it for you. Often mini storage companies call our team to clean out left over junk from tenants who have moved out and left a mess behind.

We can handle curbside garbage pickup. If you already have garbage bags, trash or old computers, televisions or electronics at the curb and need it removed, call us. We can also carry out any bags, boxes or items that are too heavy for you to handle yourself.

Bulk item dismantling and removal. Often we get called out to remove storage tanks, oil and gas tanks or hot water heaters and old boilers. We can cut up the old tank into little pieces and remove them from basements, attics or warehouses. Large, heavy bulk items can be removed by our team with ease. We have a lift truck with the capacity to get the job done.

Dimola Bros served the greater New York Metro area. We cover Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn area.