At Ding Communications marketing strategy is our Kool-Aid. It's the foundation, the very essence of the powerful, results-achieving marketing thread that's woven into every aspect of our clients' marketing. Solid marketing strategy means your product or service's messaging is precisely honed and speaking to the right people. The advertising and design creative are effervescent and engaging. The media is targeted specifically to your customers. And you're seeing desired results.

If you value strategic marketing as we do and you're looking for an agency that gets your business, gets the marketplace, understands buyer behavior and translates that body of knowledge into business-bettering marketing and award-winning creative aimed at generating results, then contact us: 775-786-3464, www.dingthinking.com

Established in 1998, the thinking that launched Ding Communications is a common entrepreneurial thread: Build the better mousetrap.

That founding philosophy, however, is as relevant today as it was in 1998. Ding serves as the client's partner, rather than submissive marketing order taker. Everyone at the firm is paid to eternally ask "What if...?" "What if...?" culminates in the thoughts, plans and schemes that grow our client's business, gain market share, stomp competition, jump bandwagons, and so on. It's a beautiful thing when all the synapses fire harmoniously, as both companies enjoy the mutual fruits of success.

Ding's approach has resonated soundly with business owners, marketing VPs, directors and the managers we are in consort with. With a relationship that is deeper than dollars-exchanged-for-services-rendered the communication is more open, which translates into better marketing and creative, which translates into more robust business for our clients.

Ding Communications is a full-service agency. As such, clients can benefit from all the elements that comprise Ding’s balanced, goal-oriented marketing focus:

   * Market Research and Planning
   * Media Planning and Buying
   * Advertising
   * Graphic Design
   * Web and Online Design and Programming
   * Guerilla / Under-The-Radar Activities

By applying Ding’s Corpus Callosum approach to each project – whether it’s a complete, from-the-ground-up product launch marketing campaign, to identity design, to producing a capabilities brochure and collateral, to a web site – at the basis is a predictable, reasoned rationale for the end product. While Corpus Callosum requires dedication from both client and Ding, the results speak for themselves.

The more we can learn about your business, the industry, and why people gravitate toward your products and services, the more effective your campaign or project. Please be patient with our friendly interrogations and fact-finding. You’ll realize the benefits quickly.

Everything learned about your company, industry, and audiences is compiled in an orderly plan. While not cast in concrete, it’s important that you agree to the plan’s findings, strategies and tactics because this serves as our Marketing Holy Grail.

The above facts, figures and rationale are handed over to Ding’s “right side.” “What if…?” is the question of the moment as the firm’s conceptual and artistic folks focus their efforts on condensing a treasure of ideas onto paper. Ultimately, three or four of the most viable concepts will be presented to you.

"It's alive!" or Giving Birth
One concept from Braining typically meets all the necessary marketing criteria, including originality, messaging, potency and clarity. That concept is then fully fleshed out into whatever satisfies the campaign or project (TV, web site, direct mail, etc.). This is where the pedal hits the medal.

Going to Market
The campaign or project hits the streets in a coordinated and calculated public presentation for tangible impact.