Dion & Forsyth, P.A. is a Florida-based law firm committed to serving clients' legal needs with competence, innovation and integrity.  Our clients range from national corporations to individuals.  We assist clients with all types of breach of contract and open account services, including creditor's rights, commercial litigation, and debt collection.

Advantageously, we are able to provide clients with a "One Stop Shop For All Of Their Collection Needs".  In this regard, we are able to give collection matters full coverage prior to, during, and subsequent to litigation.  Our attorneys are heavily involved in all aspects of case treatment.  As such, our attorneys make initial calls and sign initial demand letters, thereby imparting a higher degree of seriousness than would be perceived in those matters if handled by conventional collection agencies.

Notably, the firm has a vast legal forwarding network of competent out of state attorneys with whom collegial relationships have been developed.  The network attorneys assist us with litigation and debt collection in their respective states.  In these scenarios, we serve as an interface between our clients and the legal forwarding network, thereby being able to service clients on a national level.  

Our attorneys have over 24 years of collective legal experience in: corporate and consumer collections including, but not limited to, servicing multi-media advertising companies, finance companies, utility companies, service providers and good providers; civil litigation; contract disputes; eviction proceedings; Alternative Dispute Resolution proceedings; and post judgment recovery procedures.  Accordingly, our attorneys regularly handle debt settlement negotiations, mediation matters, arbitration matters, litigation matters, default judgment matters, judgment collection matters, and creditors' rights matters when debtors file for bankruptcy.  The judgment collection matters often involve dealing with post-judgment discovery, judgment liens, wage and bank account garnishments, attachments, writs of execution/seizure and sale by sheriffs, charging orders, turnovers/receiverships, debtor exemptions, and fraudulent transfers.