Web-Enabled Document Automation for Law Firms and their Clients
    A Turnkey Document Automation Solution.  Our DirectLaw™ Web Service is unique.  It is the only proven web solution that enables law firms to offer legal services online with no major, upfront capital investment required and includes:

   * Customized law firm "back-end" web site which integrates with your front-end (client-facing) web site.
   * Automated legal documents, web hosting, continuing tech support and training.
   * Ability to efficiently serve online clients and in-office ("offline") clients.
   * SmartLegalForms® which include Questionnaires completed by your clients, either online or offline.  Detailed instructions and explanations are included as appropriate.

     Online clients complete an Online Questionnaire within their web browser (i.e., Microsoft Internet Explorer, etc.).
     Offline clients complete paper Questionnaires and return them to you, ready for input into the DirectLaw™ system, which instantly creates the legal document.

    Experience and Proven Technology. DirectLaw™ is powered by Rapidocs document automation technology, the leading web-enabled document automation technology developed by Epoq. For 10 years, Epoq has been developing new and innovative legal solutions. We are a trusted provider to many of the world's leading financial institutions and now provide access to legal services for over 1.5 million of their customers in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Since 1998, Epoq invested over $10 million in technologies and relationships to fully manage the delivery of legal services. We have developed over 450 individual award-winning solutions (including Wills, Divorce and Employment), and work with our network of highly respected legal call centers and law firms throughout the UK and the United States.

We serve thousands of customers each month through our online offerings and have done so for over 10 years.  Our innovative, web-enabled document automation approach is a tested technology.  We know from our experience that it works for both consumers and for small businesses.  Here is your opportunity to compete with LegalZoom and other legal form web sites that have been eating into your market share and your profits.

NEW!  Sell your own documents via the platform and/or  HOTDOCS automated forms.  DirectLaw's platform is now an "open platform" and gives firms the flexibility to sell Rapidocs, non-Rapidocs and HOTDOCS forms/documents.
    No Complex Programming Required.  Our DirectLaw™ Service is an instant solution that plugs into your existing web site by inserting bits of .html code.  This Service can be integrated with any existing law firm web site, including web sites developed and hosted by FindLaw.

No need to learn a complex scripting language to create automated documents. The DirectLaw™ Service comes with over 200 pre-built, state-specific templates that have been available and in use for over eight (8) years.
    e-Commerce Enabled.  The DirectLaw™ Web Service is e-Commerce enabled, giving your on-line clients the ability to purchase legal documents -- bundled with legal advice -- directly from the web browser (i.e., Microsoft Internet Explorer).
    Interactive Document Authoring with Rapidocs Solo.  Rapidocs Solo is our authoring tool and is included free of charge with our DirectLaw™ Service. Author your own documents and we will publish them to your web site. If you need help with authoring, we provide technical support for a modest, additional fee.
    Launch in 30 Days.  Our DirectLaw™ Web Service can be seamlessly integrated with your existing web site and, in most cases, you can be up and running within 30 days from contract execution.
    No Set-Up Fees.  We do not charge a set-up fee to convert your existing site into a web-enabled document automation web site. You only pay a monthly subscription fee plus a small document usage fee for each document that you generate.