The Direct Marketing Association UK is Europe's largest trade association in the marketing and communications sector. The DMA was formed in 1992, following the merger of various like-minded trade bodies, forming a single voice to protect the direct marketing industry from legislative threats and promote its development.

Protecting the industry and consumers
In a market where there is a need to protect consumers from inappropriate, unethical behaviour by unscrupulous or ignorant practitioners, the DMA is dedicated to the protection and development of the UK direct marketing industry.

On behalf of our members, we lobby against adverse legislation from government and other regulatory bodies, and promote the expansion of national and international markets.

Raising industry standards
We promote best practice and raise industry standards through the DM Code of Practice, best practice guidelines and the DMA Awards, and provide up-to-the minute information, research and legal advice.

We manage programmes that protect consumers against bad practice and increase consumer trust, including the DMA Preference Services. The DMA also set up the DM Commission, which monitors conduct in the industry.

Enhancing consumer confidence
The DMA promotes the direct marketing industry in a positive light, and raises awareness of the DMA member logo, which stands for professionalism and trustworthiness, and is known to influence customer choice.

Shaping the future of the industry
We invite all DMA members to participate directly in shaping the future of direct marketing with us and through us.

Every organisation engaged in direct marketing needs the DMA to exist. Without it, there is no one to defend direct marketing from unethical or unprofessional practitioners, who can bring direct marketing into ill repute, trigger restrictive legislation and create consumer mistrust.

If you are a professional and trustworthy direct marketing practitioner, committed to safeguarding the future of your business, you cannot afford not to be a member of the DMA.

DMA members benefit from added Protection, Intelligence and Growth
The DMA has three major areas of focus, designed to strengthen member benefits and help members achieve greater competitive advantage - Protection, Intelligence and Growth. The DMA Factsheets detail activity within each of these areas.

DMA Structure
The DMA has a secretariat of 45 based in Central London, together with three regional offices in Edinburgh, Bristol and Leeds. The main driving force of our activity is the 12 Councils, each representing a different direct marketing sector. From training and development to lobbying and business services, they enable members to get to the heart of the key issues affecting their businesses.

The growth and complexity of our membership continues to reflect the evolution and diversity of the direct marketing industry. We now have more than 890 corporate members, three quarters of these are supplier members, including dm agencies, list brokers and mailing houses. The other 25% are client members, including household names such as BT, M&S, Lloyds TSB and the AA. For a full listing of members please visit our member directory.

And as a member of the International Federation of Direct Marketing Associations (IFDMA) and FEDMA Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing) - on many levels, our reach is global.