Thank you for your interest in mining on Directpool.

First and foremost, we’re a dedicated team of miners that got into mining in 2012 and have mined at many pools out there. We’ve mined with pretty much all the hardware that has ever been made available for bitcoin mining. From CPU to GPU to FPGA to ASICS. As for our backgrounds, we’re a mixture of different skills ranging from Computer Scientist to Security Administrator.

As you all may or may not know that recently one of the big mining pool out there has gained too much network traffic through their very clever tactics and strategy of their business model. It has become a major concern in the bitcoin community that a mining pool could have 51% of the entire bitcoin network, which would mean “centralization” by one pool.

So our response to the excessively high percentage of network being taken over by the big pools? We decided to bring together a highly skilled team of bitcoin believers. Our goal? Simple, to release a highly stable bitcoin mining pool that will match the service of any of the bigger pools out there currently. Our main focus is to serve the miner’s community with the best service possible with minimal to no downtime whatsoever.

We are also involved at the local level to educate people about what bitcoin is and how anyone can get involved or at least be well informed. Locally, we hold meetups and invite local communities to join us and discuss all things bitcoin.

We welcome you to Directpool, never hesitate to contact us!

- Directpool Team