DIR Incorporated got its name back in 2000 when it was an online marketing research company based in New York, known as Data & Information Researchers. In additional, "DIR" is computer jargon for directory. As the company expanded its marketing services to exclude digital engagement, integrated social e-mail solutions, and a full-service social PR it changed its name to Digital Integration Resources.

DIR Incorporated is all about your marketing success. Our mission, our vision, our calling in the business world is to help you identify new opportunities to engage with customers and delivery cost-effective marketing solutions that make an impact on the bottom-line.

You see this reflected in so many aspects of our company and what we do, from having incredibly sophisticated tools like our RatePoint and Cellit.

You see our commitment to helping your business marketing engage with prospects on our "Marketing Rule Breaker" blog, in our webinars, white papers, eBooks, teaching you how to identify opportunites within your industry and highlighting examples and methods others have used to make their businesses and organizations successful.

You see our loyalty to the industry in our support of the online marketing community as a whole, actively participating, helping, contributing online, sponsoring and supporting the events you love and learn from.

Most of all, you see our integrity in the expert companies we partner with to bring our customers the best and most up-to-date solutions. From mobile marketing to social media, website development to market planning efforts.

DIR Incorporated  "Opportunity - Identified and Delivered.


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