Forbes Music Entertainment is a major independent music distribution company and music association aiding in the distribution of independent recordings and music videos. The company was founded in 2014 by music producers D'ron and Christina Forbes. Both of whom are also dj's, recording artists and songwriters.

Forbes Music Entertainment has helped launch the careers of such notable independent recording artists as Nastyelgic, Rich McMichael, KG Millions, Prada G and King Hollywood Kelz. The label/association is most known for its innovative business model of never taking independence away from an artist. The first step to joining this association is starting a label of your own.

Many record labels across the united owe the credit for their launch to this music association. Artists from under this association have sold over 700K cumulative streams and download units to date; also having been featured on radio broadcasts and urban publications around the globe. The association is currently planning a tour of the U.S. and still seeking new artists.