The story of Sir Issac Newton has had a strong impact on our team. If Newton had seen the apple fall and ignored it, mankind might have had to wait much longer for someone else to discover gravity.

Discover Wonders Talking Books uses everyday items as the starting point to examine different aspects of our world - science, technology, literature, arts, history, world awareness, life application, engineering, mathematics, and many more. Each unit is presented in scenes relevant to children.

Our Founder Cecilia grew up in a slum in Hong Kong. In her own words, "I was fortunate to have parents who understood the importance of education. Because of their vision and dedication, my sister and I received full scholarships to study in the United States. I became the first to graduate from college in our whole family history and eventually got my MBA and became a management consultant.

Education breaks the poverty cycle. I am determined to give back by helping parents take control of their children's education and maximize their kids' potential."

With that mission, Discover Talking Pen is helping parents strengthen their families while boosting children's love of learning.

A unique feature of the Discover Wonders Talking Book is that, with the help of the Discover Talking Pen, you can record your voice on each page, saving the precious moments of your bonding time with your child.

Grandparents and remote relatives can also send you audio files to be transferred to recording stickers. Now your child can open a photo book and hear the greetings from their favorite auntie, uncle, or grannie.

You can also put recording stickers onto any of your child's favorite books! Just put the recording stickers next to the text. Viola! Your child can listen to their favorite story 20 times in a row, while having full control of the pace.

Each book has over 300 audio hotspots. We believe children are extremely curious about how the world works starting at a very young age. Their reading abilities and parents' availability sometimes limit them. We want to fuel that curiosity by empowering children to learn and revise at their own pace.

Because of these audio hotspots, children as young as 3 years old can start finding answers on their own and start recognizing words through our games and quizzes.

Older children who can read will find the content interesting and relevant to read with or without the Talking Pen.