One-Wear is one of the UK's leading suppliers of high quality disposable underwear for both men and women. We are proud to have been selling our high quality underwear for a number of years and now have a loyal customer following. Please take a look at our customer feedback page to see what our customers say about us.

What sets us our product apart is the very soft cotton used in our underwear which makes it a joy to wear and is why our customers keep coming back.

The undergarments are available in a range of sizes: small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large. There are bikini briefs for women and briefs for men.

The underwear is available in packs of five and each undergarment is individually wrapped to keep it watertight, maximising space efficiency while also being hygienic.

We offer fixed low cost shipping anywhere in the world so no matter how many packs you order the price stays the same.

If you have the time to read some more about our product please read below:

Is disposable underwear really any good?

Well that depends what kind of underwear you are referring to. Disposable underwear has moved on considerably since I was a child when it was made from paper. It is now made from polypropylene and cotton.

If comfort is not your priority and you are price sensitive then synthetic polypropylene is probably the best option. I find it itchy and and not something I would like to spend a lot of time in.

If you are after comfort and are planning to spend sometime in the underwear then I would recommend disposable cotton briefs and panties. It is extremely lightweight which means a weeks worth really doesn't take up a lot of space compared to your traditional underwear. The fabric is extremely soft and comfortable and can almost feel as if it is part of your skin.

So why would I need disposable underwear in the first place?

Well it is a lot more useful than you would imagine as I have discovered on a number of occasions when my luggage was delayed by a day or two. Hunting around for fresh underwear is not what I had been planning upon my arrival. In damp tropical climates underwear can take some time to try and constantly being on the move can make this more difficult. A fungal infection likes nothing better than damp underwear, so the best way to keep it at bay is a fresh pair of disposable underwear.

Luxury hotels have a habit of charging exorbitant fees for dry cleaning. Well that's not a problem with disposable underwear is it.

Its other great use is hospital stays. If you are in for a long stay you might well run out of underwear and one thing most people find embarrassing is having to hand over their soiled underwear to a friend or family for washing. If you are the one that usually operates the washing machine how on earth are any of your clothes going to get washed?

Disposable knickers are great for after giving birth because a women's changing body shape means her usual underwear won't fit. There is no point in going out and purchasing a brand new set of expensive underwear which is going to be only briefly used.

Can I re-use disposable cotton briefs and panties?

Although the underwear is called disposable underwear you don't have to throw it away after each usage because it can be washed and used again. As the fabric is lightweight and thin it won't survive being washed too many times in a washing machine.