At Disrupted Logic we are a passionate team of visionaries, computer scientists, artists, software engineers, technologists, media creators, and business professionals. We’re passionate about technology, and love what we do. Disrupted Logic Interactive specializes in entertainment and interactive technology development for globally connected desktop, mobile and smart devices.

Disrupted Logic's ctalyst™ is the next generation of advertising. It's interactive, it's social, it's engaging, and it never interrupts or annoys the audience’s experience. ctalyst's legacy is founded on a wealth of world-class entertainment experience and accomplishments in the motion picture, television, and video game industries.  It’s the world’s most advanced and powerful ad network technology.

For more information on Disrupted Logic Interactive and the ctalyst™ technology visit http://www.disruptedlogic.com, https://ctalyst.com or email info@disruptedlogic.com.