Hi! I'm Nunzio Bruno, the founder of the Disruptive Strategy Co., and I have spent almost a decade as a professor teaching business strategy to college students (including MBA's) and business owners all over the country.

Favorite Quote: "What gets measured, gets managed."

Have you ever read a really great business growth article or heard a great business story and think to yourself:

-How can I apply this to my business?
-Is my business the right size to think about business strategy?
-What are the tactics or actions to actually make my business grow?
-I tried a SWOT analysis once and it didn't work.
-I'm too busy running my business to think about strategy.

Whether you like it or not your business is executing a strategy. Strategy is about choosing what to do and, equally  as important, choosing what not to do. How are you executing? As an entrepreneur you are pouring your heart, your time, your money, and sometimes even your relationships into your business. Wouldn't it be nice to know that every choice you make is a deliberate and measurable attempt to grow your business?

Strategy, whether it's labeled as: deliberate, emergent, Blue Ocean, competitive, or business, is currently an uncharted landscape. Sure, you have a few big names like Porter and McKinsey leading the way but they play in economies of scale and scope that most of us won't ever get to experience. They talk about strategy from the perspective of the "firm" dealing with issues of "allocative efficiency" and "market wide phenomena".

That's not you.

I am committed to demystifying strategy so that you can systematically make better decisions and to grow your business everyday. That means I am taking strategy out of classrooms and boardrooms and making it available to anyone trying to build a business - of any size. I'll do my best to leave out the corporate jargon and buzzwords so that I can deliver earnest strategy concepts that you can take action on right away.

Think about the last time you had to make a choice in your business. Did you wing it? Did you think about how your competitors would respond? Your customers? Did you know what market or industry you are actually competing in? It's in answering these questions, and a whole lot more, that you will find opportunities to differentiate and create so much awesome value that you can't be ignored/replaced.

Learning how to apply the concepts of strategy, using the right tools, and creating the right actions will position your business to get the biggest return out of your resources. It's about using all the "stuff" in your business to create as much value and capture as much profit as possible.