Dittman Incentive Marketing is a leading provider of sales incentive programs, rewards and recognitions solutions using customizable online software (SaaS) to help companies realize immediate ROI. For more than 30 years, we have helped some of America’s most successful companies achieve extraordinary results and exceed their business goals. Our strategic solutions are based in the psychology of human motivation which has demonstrated results through incentives, recognition, rewards, years-of-service awards, as well as referral, safety, education, loyalty, and wellness programs. Dittman Incentive Marketing is a recognized leader in financial services, manufacturing, homebuilding, technology, healthcare, automotive, retail, pharmaceutical, and many other industries for unparalleled excellence in our points systems, group travel and individual travel services, and exquisite merchandise rewards.

Dittman Incentive Marketing offers easy-to-use software solutions that are customized to the needs of our clients. Great Rewards™ provides an excellent merchandise experience for one-off sales incentive programs with no start-up costs. Great Escapes™ offers tiered travel rewards for executives and individuals with no start-up costs. TotalPRO™ provides an exceptional point-based rewards, recognition, education, and incentive solution with your choice of modules appropriate for enterprise-wide commitment to employee excellence and corporate responsibilities. You can start with one program and add modules as you see tangible results through our robust reporting features.

Dittman Incentive Marketing solutions reflect the core brand, culture, and values of our clients, helping them to attract, engage, inspire, appreciate, and retain talented people. Our solutions allow you to maximize employee potential.


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