The mission of The Diva Taunia Dolls Burlesque is three-fold:  1) we want to create an open space where women (and men) can feel comfortable expressing themselves creatively through song, dance, acting, and traditional Burlesque.   2) We want women to find the strength and beauty within themselves at any size, any age, and background - by pushing their own boundaries of comfort and doing something unique, fun, and incredibly empowering. 3) We want to continue to foster the new friendships and "girl-power" friendship groups through social functions inside and outside of our performances.  


Interested in being a Diva Taunia Doll? We have permanent cast members in the show, but we also keep a revolving cast, and work to  cast our Dolls in numbers that feel most comfortable performance-wise.   There are no membership fees to join, we have have an all-volunteer cast!  Benefits to becoming part of the Diva Taunia Dolls Burlesque Cast include:

Costuming is provided for any of your numbers
Hair & Makeup is provided for you during the show
Solo and group performance opportunities
Promotions and marketing of the event could result in press for YOU that you may use on any press release kit
Photos & Videos of each performance (with privacy requests)
We cast both women AND men
Contact us  auditions@divatauniadolls.com


We are always on the lookout for strong, respectful people who want to be part of our team.   Sometimes we may ask you to be part of the cast, other times, as on of our floor managers or Doll Protectors (muscle!).   Management positions offer a small stipend, and our all-volunteer cast all work towards the same goal: empowering women!

Contact us  crew@divatauniadolls.com