http://www.diveboard.com : Diveboard enables scuba divers to log and share their scuba experiences online and find out where to go diving next. Built as a platform, Diveboard connects dive professionals, manufacturers, travel agencies and scuba divers through a set of dedicated tools. Leveraging on the divers' reports to fuel a large scale database, Diveboard aims at answering the question "where should I go dive?" and making the selection and booking of dives at a dive shop seamless.
Dive professionals are equipped with dedicated e-commerce and marketing tools to leverage on the community and boost their businesses leveraging on their reputation and the quality of their services.
Launched in 2011, Diveboard quickly grew to become the #1 online logbook and leading scuba diver community, praised by many professionals and enthusiasts alike.
Diveboard also supports the scientific community and conservation efforts by acting as a citizen-science platform crowd-sourcing scientific data from divers involved in the program and sharing them with universities and scientifical international networks.