We are Diveroid team creating mobile solution for underwater world. Diveroid, a flagship product is all-in-one dive gear that turns your smartphone into Dive Computer, Underwater Camera and Automatic Logbook.
With way cheaper price, you can check safety information on big color screen(dive computer) while taking underwater photography(underwater camera). Furthermore, Diveroid app offers a entirely innovative, smart logbook experience which connect your diving information with photos you took underwater, that is you know what depth, time and temperature the photos were taken.
We are currently solving the biggest problem: Lack of housing. Housing company couldn't cover all of smartphone coming out on the market. That's why most of people have given up buying one, fail to find compatible housing for their smartphone.
That's why we are now making Universal Housing which is compatible with most of smartphones on the market! This awesome product would be launched on October with Kickstarter. You can get amazing discount only for Kickstarter by signing up->https://diveroid.com/kickstarter