Divine Cashmere is an exclusive online boutique that offers fine cashmere outfits aiming to enhance usual looks with a touch of effortless luxury: a blend of sophistication, luxurious fabrics and perfect elegant cuts.
Its standout collections embody versatile styles that lend themselves well to any occasion - daytime or dinner date- and suits all women embracing the trends, adding an instant chic to any wardrobe.
We selected the best quality cashmere from around the world where skilled artisans transform this valuable fiber in the most precious garment ensuring that our customers are completely and utterly satisfied.
Created by Daniele Meller, who is one of those effortlessly chic women who captures you with her style and elegance. The kind who makes a cashmere dress and beige-hued scarf look perfect either on a busy morning or glamorous evening.
Daniele is the first to fill the gap in style-savvy customers’ wardrobes that are looking for unique and sophisticated combinations of cashmere and fur.
Her carefully selected and designed premium cashmere collections are now available for unprecedented online access, covering the cutting-edge looks of the season that will leave you feeling simply exceptional at any moment of the day.