Divine Teriyaki was created by two native Texans who had moved to the Pacific Northwest to live. During their time in the Pacific Northwest, they developed a love for teriyaki and would try different teriyaki take-out restaurants to experience the variations of this popular dish. After trying several versions of this dish, they found one restaurant that became their favorite and they would swing by for teriyaki take-out on a weekly basis. 

These business savvy entrepreneurs would say to each other that a business like this would do well in Texas but they threw the idea to the back of their minds because at the time, Washington was their home. But when they decided to move back to Texas to raise their son around family, they knew this was the opportunity to put their money where their mouth was and act upon their idea.  

The simple yet complex taste of teriyaki intrigued one of the partners and she set out to develop her own style of this dish. As a self-taught cook, who started cooking at the age of 12, she has always cooked for family and friends and experimenting in the kitchen is something she loves to do. Once she was satisfied that this was the taste she had grown to love, she tried it out on her husband/business partner and he was convinced she had develop a style of teriyaki that had to be shared with others. After tweaking the dish, securing positive reviews from family members and conducting several public tastings they knew they had something special - thus the creation of Divine Teriyaki. 

These business owners are confident other Texans will love teriyaki as much as they do and it is their goal to share their take on this tasty Japanese dish. 

Their slogan says it all - “So Good...It’s Divine!