The Divorced Parent Telesummit was the first virtual event to help divorced parents end co-parenting conflicts. Each evening, experts provide effective tools so divorced parents can avoid or end conflicts over the children. It is co-hosted by Pamela S. Wyn and Shelley Grieser.

Pamela S. Wynn is a collaborative divorce attorney with more than 25 years' experience. After experiencing divorce as a young child and then going through her own divorce, Shelley Grieser became passionate about helping others overcome the challenges of divorce, co-parenting, and moving forward with their lives. Shelley earned her Life Coach certification to expand her knowledge and develop skills to better serve her clients. They have helped hundreds of parents get through the divorce process but wondered why some parents continued the conflict after the divorce. They want to give every divorced parent a chance to benefit from renowned experts who have helped couples at war call cease fires and raise happy children despite difficult divorces.