C.Robert Biondino Jr. (His Friends Call Him "Rob"). And his clients always become his friends!

Rob was raised in Connecticut and relocated to Colorado in the early 90's to attend the Colorado Law School At D.U. Law. As you may have heard the BAR exam is one of the most difficult exams to pass and MANY intelligent attorney's pass it on the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th try...Rob passed it on his first try and recorded one of the HIGHEST scores in Colorado history!

As a single parent, Rob spends as much time as possible with his 2 boys -- Chaz and Brendan. Actively coaching and keeping up with their sporting events fills his weekends with fun and quality time.

Going through a "bitter" divorce a few years ago, Rob has experienced custody battles and divorce settlements first hand.  For more information, please visit: http://denverdivorceforwomen.com/