After visiting a number of owners who were trying to sell their homes on their own and hoping to convert those FSBOs into his own listings; Barrett Caudill discovered that many property owners needed assistance in selling their properties but did not want to give up 6% of their equity for what they viewed as a little advice or help in advertising their property.

Many property owners expressed the belief that they could better market their own properties because Realtors have divided loyalties amongst their many listings. They also believed that they could sell their own properties faster and at a more competitive price than they could through a Realtor.

Barrett, a licensed Realtor from Lexington, Kentucky; who had previously worked as a business consultant and has extensive technology and Internet experience saw an opportunity that wasn’t being taken by his fellow Lexington Realtors. Instead of trying to convince the do-it-yourself property sellers to hire a Realtor, why not offer them only those services they need? He knew he could help them to advertise their properties on a national scale. And he knew he could offer both the advice and the exposure for far less than the typical 6% sales commissions.

“For Sale by Owner is truly do-it-yourself home selling and the name DIYHomeSellers.com was an obvious choice for a domain and company name,” according to Barrett. “So many of the FSBOs that I spoke with were adamant about not giving up 6% of their equity to a Realtor but expressed the wish to be able to pay a Realtor a flat fee for some advice.”

DIYHomeSellers.com is certainly not the first or only website to list for sale by owner properties. But, it is the first do-it-yourself property selling website built by a licensed Realtor and a permanent team of committed real estate, programming and marketing professionals who truly want to assist property owners to get their property sold. The staff at DIYHomeSellers.com is committed to supporting property owners and getting their properties sold as quickly as possible.

Everything on the site is designed to help property owners get their property sold and able to move on to the next phase of their life. From the custom-programmed database to the library of expert articles on how to sell properties to an active forum; everything about DIYHomeSellers.com is designed to turn “FSBO properties” into “Sold with DIYHomeSellers.com.

From listing a home, condo, vacation home, timeshare, land, or rental property to Flat Fee MLS options, or searching for homes for sale, this site is a one stop shop.

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