NYC’s Expressway Music provides smart, elegant dj’s who are skilled at reading the dance floor and playing great music from all styles and genres. DJ’s in NYC since 1992 we have been hired by discerning clients who want a different kind of dj experience. Our dj’s are sought after because they are pleasant to work with, play music that reflects the uniqueness of each particular party and know how to please diverse guests(age, ethnicity etc)with exceptional music that makes for a spectaculor party.  Please visit our Wedding DJ NYC BLOG for recent weddings(in and out of NYC) we’ve dj’d with photos and valuable information about venues and other vendors we’ve worked with. Also, please visit our CORPORATE EVENT DJ NYC BLOG for recent exclusive private party’s and Events that we’ve have dj’d(in and out of NYC) and provided live music for in and out of New York City-NYC full of photos and more information about our services.  .

In addition to our very talented dj-disc jockey’s we also represent some of the best- finest live music soloists(harpist, guitar, piano, percussionist) and trios (jazz and classical) NYC New York City has to offer for wedding ceremony’s and or cocktail hours. We also provide exceptional Karaoke services with the most experienced Karaoke dj’s available in NYC(and largest song selections!)

Please contact owner/dj David Swirsky if you have any questions or would like to come in and meet with us in our convenient New York NYC offices across the street from the amazing Grand Central Station NYC.