DK Corporation Holdings Ltd. operates it's own sales website Gaokeji.com (Chinese pinyin for Hi-Tech) and sells over B-to-C platforms such as Taobao, Amazon and many others. DK is also currently launching two product lines including Muev360 and Dazln.

Gaokeji.com was DK's first venture and is a concierge service mainly for Chinese customers to purchase import items they normally would not be able to due to language or international payment barriers. The bestselling products are from hi-tech  companies that haven't already entered the Chinese market.

Muev360 is focused on creating gear for a truly immersive Virtual Reality experience. The product line includes TRED a 360 degree gaming treadmill, Senz a motion capture sensor package for avatar control and RAEG a gaming gun controller. Muev360 is scheduled to officially launched in early 2015.

Dazln focuses on merging technology and fashion gracefully. With a new line of nails that shine when in proximity of NFC devices, Dazln has already proven to be extremely well accepted in Asia.

Whether it's licensing great products from the worlds' best startups or  researching, developing, manufacturing and distributing its' own products, DK is dedicated to bringing the best and newest technologies to consumers.