Located in Columbus, Ohio, DK Security Products has 5+ years selling to local stores, businesses and individuals. No orders are too small or large to handle. Quick and affordable shipping anywhere in the United States. Drop shipping available anywhere in the United States. All major credit cards, checks and Paypal accepted.

The main line of products they carry are pepper sprays. A full line of the freshest and hottest sprays out there from 10% to 18%. Stun guns, fully stocked with voltages that range from 100,000 volts up to 4.500,000 volts in many various styles. Personal alarms that stop assailants with high volume shrieking sounds. These include traveling alarms as well.

They also stock home alarms that protect your home's windows and doors at affordable prices instead of hiring a company that charges monitoring fees month to month. Entry protection devices that keep you safe inside not allowing anyone to enter. One of their best sellers is the diversional safes where you can hide your valuables in plain sight and the call forwarding home alarm units.

To mention a few more items they stock are the steel batons that open to 26 inches, pen knives that are completely invisible to would be attackers until it's too late. Do you use paint ball guns? Get all your refills there or purchase the guns all from the Airsoft name. Instructional fighting dvd's for those who want to learn how to physically handle themselves authored by well known names.

Speaking of dvd's you can purchase the SafeFamilyLife that teaches you how to protect your apartment, vehicle and auto or your college dorm. These kits come with various products to make them complete. Finally, you can get taser guns, the same ones that police officials are using now. Plus much more.

The company, although 5+ years old only sold to family and friends that needed certain products until a home invasion in the family changed their entire outlook and business procedures. The home invasion not only changed the business but their very lives.

With the attitude that it won't or can't happen to us dramatically changed because it did happen. Losing their peace of mind they began to arm themselves, a entire 22 family member clan. They stocked themselves with their own products and captured that peace of mind back.

I think the home invasion was the best thing that could've happened because it produced an urgency that this wasn't only happening to him but it was happening to everyone. That attitude of it can't happen here changed because it did happen here and to them.

Now they not only sell products the inform and educate others of the dangers out there. They would much rather tell you true stories about crime, keep you informed of new products that are more effective, give you do it yourself tips to help you save money and write articles online that educate others so they can be better prepared.

The owner has a whole different outlook today and it's almost like a mission for him to make sure you have all the information to make those hard to make decisions. If only one thing that would be of the utmost importance came out to you it would be "It Can Happen To You"

If you have any questions or concerns please email them at dksecurity@columbus.rr.com, go to their sight http://www.dksecurityproducts.com and contact them through the contact me button or call them at 614-595-3783. They're always glad to help.


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