Retail online sales of  lighted LED prescription and magnified eyeglasses in both USB rechargeable and standard battery types.

Prescription Lighted Eyeglasses available with Single Vision Lenses, Bifocal Lenses, or Trifocal Lenses (Trifocal dependent on model - see below).

Glasses may be recharged using the provided standard USA 120V AC charger provided or via USB connection from your computer.

Magnified readers are available in magnification powers from +0.00 (No RX) to + 3.50 for both rechargeable and standard.

Prescription lighted eyeglasses are available in single-vision and bifocal lenses for both the standard battery version and rechargeable.  Trifocal lenses are only available for the rechargeable version.

Lighted Eyeglasses are available in several colors and a form is provided for entry of eyeglasses prescriptions on the site.

Dktr Bright Eyes provides quality prescription eyeware at reasonable prices.