DMS Worldwide Marketing drives straight to the matter of propelling your company’s brand to the top of mind. We maximize your budgeted resources with customized marketing plans that will get your name out in front of more races, more cameras and more public events, thus reaching your potential customers more effectively.

Your marketing dollars are spent more efficiently because DMS Worldwide Marketing has introduced their new SFAC-101 policy, which stands for “Sponsorship Funding Accountability & Clarification 101”. This means that our sponsors will have full access to our accounting practices and our books at all times guaranteeing transparency and accountability.

Also, you not only reach the adult race fan, but reach minority demographics that are being introduced to the motor sports industry for the first time through our diversity outreach and education programs. We can expand our sponsors reach with more effectively targeted programs.

We have a number of tiered sponsorship plans to get your company and product immediate exposure, not just on the racetrack, but in publicity, on-air interviews, in-person public events and media articles and stories. DMS Worldwide Marketing will work hard to make sure our partnership is a profitable and valuable one for your corporation.

To receive an electronic sponsorship package by email, contact us at: info@diversitymotorsportsllc.com or call us at: 704-799-9373


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