DNA2Diamonds are a wonderful way to honor the most important people, pets and events of your life. As a token of love, a celebration of life or a commemorative tribute, a DNA2Diamond is a tangible reminder of your most precious moments and a lasting connection to those you most love.

In Victorian times, it was common for family members to ease the pain of loss by wearing rings or pendants containing locks of hair from the deceased.  DNA2Diamonds has reinvented this tradition of centuries past.

We create these special diamonds from the signature carbon in a lock of hair or cremated ashes. DNA2DIAMONDS are physically, chemically and optically identical to earth-mined diamonds and certified as such by the Gemological Institute of America .

But DNA2DIAMONDS are different – more beautiful, more meaningful and more precious because they contain forever the essence of those you love. DNA2DIAMONDS are the most personal diamonds in the world.