DNA Art Gallery LLC creates personalized DNA portraits on canvas made from your DNA profile.  What makes each of us unique comes down to our DNA.  DNA Portraits display your genetic profile in artwork.

Using our patent pending process to capture your DNA Profile, each art piece not only displays your unique genetic fingerprint, but also illustrates the traits that make you who you are, such as your love, success, happiness, creativity, IQ, and more.  This is done in our lab by adding custom PCR primers that target specific genes when creating your DNA Portrait.  

How it works is we send out a DNA Collection Kit with easy-to-use instructions on how to collect DNA with a buccal swab, this basically collects DNA from the saliva in your mouth.  After receiving and processing the DNA sample, we then transpose the image to a canvas or digital file using photo editing software. We offer an original, abstract, newborn, and pet product lines.  All products include optional photo overlay, large canvas sizes, and gallery wrapped option.  

The Pet Portraits are for those interested in getting their beloved pet’s genetic fingerprint as art.  You have watched your furry companion grow up.  The love they have given you makes them a true member of the family.  Capturing their genetic portrait is a great memento of this strong bond between you two.  

This also makes a great gift for those with newborns wanting an original and unique portrait.  With targeted genes for the baby's genetic fingerprint - you can catch a glimpse of love, happiness, and creativity your bundle of joy will bring.  Our Newborn Portrait bundle includes everything expecting mothers could want in their babies DNA Portrait.  We also offer combined portraits for those interested in creating a portrait with the one they love.  This makes great gift for weddings and anniversaries.