Traditional  medical system focuses on the treatment of conditions after they occur. DNA Labs India ( www.dnalabsindia.com ) promise of preventive medicine involves utilizing the genetic testing to know the risk factors for certain diseases and focusing medical efforts on preventing the disease before it strikes. By far, the most powerful way to determine one's risk factors is by discovering one's genomic variants. DLI Diagnosis to support the physician in delivering personalized medicine based on the patient genome.

Tests we do :

Prenatal Test
Paternity Test
Genetic Test
New Born Screening

DLI is widely recognized for excellence in testing with a unique emphasis on genetic consultation for both patients and physicians. Our clients enjoy the rapid turnaround time, detailed reports, and personal approach we provide.
To remain at the forefront of the rapidly growing field of DNA testing for genetic disorders, we are actively involved in research and we continually expand test offerings as relevant new gene discoveries are made.